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September 2021

The book The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket is laying on a dark wood surface with the shadow of a leafless tree cast over it.
Book Recommendation of The Bad Beginning

Trigger Warning - Abandonment, Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Parental Death, Violence

The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

It may come as a surprise that this book is about the depressing story of the three Baudelaire children who, after losing their parents, are passed between relatives whom they've never met before. This isn't a particularly happy story but it is thrilling nonetheless. And it's because it isn't a happy story that this book is so enjoyable to read.

Lemony Snicket takes an interesting tone while telling this story. This may be a children's story and yet from the start he frames it as a depressing tale. His fascinating narration easily brings you in and draws out the intrigue. You want to investigate what occurs to the Baudelaire children along with him. Even though the world that Snicket has built is a world that one would never truly want to visit, it is difficult to put this book down until you figure out the mystery of the Baudelaires. Along the way you may desire to create inventions with Violet, research information with Clause, and perhaps even bite a few people with Sunny. And rightfully so, these children are about the only sensible characters in the entire book.

By the end of the story you want nothing but happiness for these dear siblings. They go through a lot, and yet, the intrigue remains. It may seem shameful, but you will be curious to see what unruly characters surround them in the next book, and what unfortunate events will befall them throughout the entire series.

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