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new books

New books are directly from the publisher or a distributor that works with the publishers. These books are sold at the price decided by the publisher and are typically our most expensive books. The books will have no damage. The only effects to the quality may be slight nicks on the spine and edges of the covers from the process of the publisher packing and shipping the books to us. Besides this, these books arrive at our store in pristine condition and are sold as such.

book condition guide

This guide is to help you understand how we categorize certain books. The categorization effects how we stock, shelf, and price certain books. We hope this helps to clarify why our bookstore does certain things.

You may attempt to trade in new, remainder, and used books back to the bookstore for credit. We do not guarantee that we will accept anything bought from the bookstore back for trade. We NEVER accept bargain bin items for trade.

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New Books
Remainder Books
Used Books

remainder books

Sometimes, if stores are not able to successfully sell a book after it spends some time on their shelves, they return said book to the publisher. Instead of simply throwing away those books at a loss, the publishers will sell them to other stores at a discounted rate. These are called remainder books.

Remainder books are in similar condition to new books. Rarely do they have damage. They may have a discount sticker or barcode from a previous store. Remainders are often marked with a pen or marker along the page edges to signify that it is a remainder book, but this does not compromise the book in any way. 

We sell remainders so that these books don't go to waste. There is nothing wrong with these books, they simply were just not doing well in the original location or market when trying to be sold. In our store, we sell all remainders at a discounted price of 25% off the listed publisher price. 

used books

This is the majority of our inventory. Used books are, as it sounds, previously used books, otherwise known as pre-owned. Our team decides upon receiving these books if their condition qualifies them as a used book or a bargain bin book. Used books are legible with different degrees of use or damage to it. They may have any number of conditions including and in combination with but not limited to:

  • dog-eared pages

  • writings in the margins

  • previous owners names written inside the covers

  • marks to the covers

  • marks along the page edges

  • discount stickers or barcodes from other stores

  • highlighted or underlined text

  • slight water damage that doesn't comporise the readability

Bargain Books

bargain bin

These are the books most often in the poorest condition. For some reason or another, these are the books deemed "not desired" in our inventory and thus placed at a steep discount. 

These books could appear in any number of conditions. Most often, they are either similar to the used books, or quite damaged. Damages can include water damage, torn pages or cover, missing pages or cover, too many marks within the book, etc.


Books that are discovered to contain mold, mildew, or other harmful materials are never sold and always disposed of to avoid harming our customers and staff. 

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