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Questions | Binti: The Complete Trilogy

Front image of the book cover for Binti by Nnedi Okorafor.
Book Club Questions for Binti: The Complete Trilogy

1. Did you like the book?

2. Does the POV meet the story?

3. Did you like Binti?

4. Was it a convincing future of Earth?

5. How did you feel about Binti’s reactions to the women touching her hair and do you believe it was supposed to be foreshadowing?

6. What did you think of the otjize practice and how Binit felt naked without it?

7. What did you think of everyone dying so early on Third Fish?

8. Would you have feared the Meduse?

9. Did you like Okwu?

10. Were you surprised that Binti became part Meduse?

11. What did you think of the Bears’ flesh tent?

12. Was Binti’s family right to blame her for their father overworking himself & their family’s problems?

13. Would you be interested in connecting to the Collective and communicating as the Enyi Zinariya do?

14. How would you feel about seeing the Night Masquerade?

15. What did you think about the clan elders disguising themselves as the Night Masquerade?

16. Do you think Binti’s experiences helped to prepare her for the meeting between the Meduse and Khoush?

17. Were you convinced that Binti was dead?

18. What did you think of Binti’s edan? And what do you think now, knowing that it just existed for the sake of a recommendation?

19. Would you be upset to be tethered to New Fish for your life?

20. Would you want to be a harmonizer?

21. Who was your favorite character?

22. Who was your least favorite character?

23. Would you read another book by this author?



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