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November 2020

The book Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes posed on a black cloth with a Mouse stuffed animal holding the top left corner of the book.
November 2020 Book Recommendation

Trigger Warning - Curing of Disabilities

Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

A mentally disabled man, a science experiment, and a mouse named Algernon make up this beloved classic. When Charlie undergoes a surgery to increase his intelligence, it appears to be a success and a medical breakthrough. Until Algernon, who had a similar surgery before Charlie, starts to make a decline. Throughout the procedure and following recovery, Charlie's diary excerpts describe how sudden intelligence may effect one who originally had a much lower IQ and what may happen when he's faced with the possibility of losing that intelligence once again.

A fantastic story that peers into the mind of a character not too frequently portrayed. The text itself reflects the character with broken speech and limited understanding of the surrounding world but that gradually changes. Words are more frequently spelled correctly, the phrasing becomes more clear, and the words used are from a higher vocabulary as Charlie becomes more aware. We cheer for him as he changes from a man with many struggles into a person with all kinds of possibilities ahead of him. But sometimes the most outstanding miracles cannot last.

No matter how you anticipate experiencing this story, prepare yourself for heartbreak.

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