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January 2020

The book Trampling in the Land of Woe by William Galaini is posed in front of a red background. The image in peering down at the book through a hole in a dark surface.
2021 January Book Recommendation

Trigger Warning - Violence

Trampling in the Land of Woe by William Galaini

With inclusivity and steampunk, Galaini takes you on a grand adventure through Dante Alighieri's depiction of hell. After Hephaestion spent millennia in Purgatory, he has decided that he has had enough. He takes it upon himself to descend into the rings and bring back his general, best friend, and soul mate, Alexander the Great. It won't be easy as he will encounter monsters and demons, all while being hunted by Jesuits, but his king is worth every struggle.

A world like any other, we journey with Hephaestion to New Dis and the Pit that lays beyond. Not caring about what Alexander had done to deserve his punishment, Hephaestion does whatever is necessary to find him. Flashbacks reveal what their true relationship had been like during life, letting us into what others had only rumored about. It's almost impossible to guess what they will discover next as the technology is a mix of inventions created over time in the land of the living, leaving us with tools such as technologically advanced airships and simple spears for fighting. We meet so many memorable names from throughout history, some helpful, others terrible, and several new allies are created along the way.

Just how far will Hephaestion have to descend in order to save his lover?

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