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December 2020

The book Then, Now, Always by Mona Shroff is posed to the left of a bouquet of purple and white flowers in a glass vase.
2020 December Book Recommendation

Then, Now Always by Mona Shroff

When Maya's daughter, Samantha, gets into some legal trouble, she has to resort to her only option; contacting Samantha's father, Sam, to help her. One problem though, Sam doesn't know he has a daughter.

An adorable love story about a couple who takes their sweet time getting together. With Maya now being a bakery owner and Sam a lawyer, they are very different from the young adults they had each fallen in love with. But it doesn't take long for them to wonder if the feelings they had given up so long ago may not actually be as gone as they believed.

Read through twists and turns as Sam unravels what it's like to have a daughter and the women who broke his heart in his life while Maya determines how to allow the man she purposefully left behind into the family that she built. And discover that, perhaps, there was more behind the end of their young relationship than what they had originally thought. It only takes them having a child together to reveal it. Easy, right?

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