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September 2020

The book Uprooted by Naomi Novik posed with a black skeletal tree.
September 2020 Book Recommendation

Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Dragon stories are some of the best and they become even better when it is not a traditional dragon. This Dragon is a man and a wizard who protects the land from dangers for one small thing in return, one girl every 10 years. No one knows what happens to the girls while they live with the Dragon, but they do always return, and they do always change.

The year is upon the people and the Dragon comes to make his choice. Agnieszka fears her best friend Kasia will be picked as she is the most beautiful girl of their village. But shocking everyone, Kasia is not the Dragon's choice.

A standalone fantasy novel with vivid characters and an enchanting world. Novik's writing is beautiful as it wraps you in a fully realized tale with mystery, action, and a lovely touch of gothic fantasy. You come out feeling like you lived through a fairytale. But instead of a Prince Charming, you get a Dragon with an attitude problem. And you love it.

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