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Review | Through a Dark Glass

Author: Barb Hendee

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Fiction

Series: Dark Glass #1

The book Through a Dark Glass by Barb Hendee is propped up on a dark cloth and positioned so it's reflection appears in a mirror to the left in the image.
Book Review for Through a Dark Glass

Trigger Warning - Homophobia, Lifechanging Injury

General Review

Imagine if you were forced to choose your husband from one of three brothers whom you'd never met before. What if a mirror could show you how your life would turn out depending on which brother you chose? This is the situation that Megan is presented with. As any person, she grows depending on the situation and the man she chooses. But she also adapts the people and the world around her. The mirror takes Megan and the reader on an exploration of choices as Megan must decide what she wants out of her future husband and her future self.

In-Depth Review (contains spoilers)

Let's start off with the obvious fact that none of Megan's three options would have been especially terrible. With Rolf, she got power. With Sebastian, independence. And with Kai, love. I knew fairly early into the story who she would choose just from her personality. About halfway through, my thoughts waivered for a short while. I began to assume that she may end up choosing whichever path causes no death. But since that doesn't happen, I was left with my initial assessment. She treasured being wanted and loved above all and so, naturally, she'd pick Kai.

Rolf was not a likeable character at first. I didn't grow to love him, but I did like him. He ended up respecting Megan in a way that she had never experienced before and welcomed her input on serious matters. They may not ever come to love each other, but they were companions in a different way. And sometimes that is the best that people can hope for.

Sebastian, by far, caused her the most damage. I anticipated from the beginning that if he did have a secret it was that he was gay. But I believe she got hurt even worse by him because he was hiding an actual lover rather than just his preference in general. Megan is such an understanding character and they could have come to a compromise without him breaking her heart. Yes, she ends up with more independence in the end than she could ever dream of, but I don't think it's worth the pain that she is forced through.

Kai was my choice as well as Megan's. He opened himself up to her in a way that the other two never did. He didn't just want her gift or her mind, he wanted her. And the fact that she puts so much effort into helping him heal shows just how much she cares for him in return.

The main issue I had overall, was that I imagined there being more of a fantasy aspect. The only fantasy there ends up being was the magic mirror and the different options she lived through. The worlds and the characters themselves did not end up having any fantasy details besides being entirely fictional. So as a fantasy book, this falls flat. But as a romance book, you get what you are expecting and are quite happy with it.

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