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Review | The Bookstore Cat

Author: Cylin Busby & Charles Santoso

Genre: Children's/Picture Book, Fiction

Series: Standalone

The Bookstore Cat by Cylin Busby and Charles Santoso sits on a bookshelf facing outward with book spines of other children's books on either side.
Book Review for The Bookstore Cat

Entire Review

An adorable book about an adorable cat. It is such a fun book for children to go through the alphabet and learn along the way. The cat is sweet but has such an attitude. When the cat goes from being admired to jealous as the attention focuses away from them, I am drawn in. The cat has such believable characteristics that, as a cat-person, makes me invested. And the freedom he has about the bookstore makes me want to explore a random bookstore.

Another amazing factor is the learning component. Children can read along with the story and practice learning the alphabet. It is often that children memorize their favorite books and with this one, they'd also be memorizing the alphabet.

The art style is inviting and expressive. It makes it easy to love the bookstore cat and become invested in his adventures. I can imagine children laughing at the goofy cat as they read along.

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