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Review | Teen Titans: Raven

Author: Kami Garcia & Gabriel Picolo

Genre: Graphic Novel, Fiction

Series: Teen Titans #1

The book Teen Titans Raven by Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo has black and orange bat earrings hanging from the top right corner, a spider patterned scarf draped around, and posed in front of a black background.
Book Review of Teen Titans Raven

Trigger Warning - Memory Loss, Parental Loss

General Review

When you lose your memories, how would you react to discovering your shadow is a raven and you can read the minds of others? Raven handles this revelation fairly well between regular teenager problems and the evil voice talking in her head.

With creatively drawn characters and a mysterious story, this is a nice refresher for those who were fans of the original Teen Titans show. Now, I would like to say that this story is a deviation from the television show. It still shares the same personality traits that the characters on tv had but does not follow their exact storyline. If you allow yourself to start fresh then you will be pleasantly surprised by the story. For those who never saw the original show, then this is a fantastic introduction to this lovely cast of characters.

In-Depth Review (contains spoilers)

I love the choice in art. I am a little biased because I have previously seen and loved other work done by this illustrator, but it's still good art either way. The characters themselves are very expressive and the choice of colors is so interesting. Primarily black and white but with other choice colors mixed in such as Raven's tell-tale color, purple. This helped to show and elevate the important scenes as they were playing out.

Foreshadowing was used so well throughout this piece. With hints towards Max's powers, Tommy's secret, and Raven's past, I was always waiting for the next big reveal. And when that reveal finally occurred, I was never disappointed.

I can't even begin to say how much I love Max's powers. Summoning the powerful women from the dead is just so empowering. Viviane was such an amazing woman and did so much for Raven. I was so upset when she died. But as these stories go, it was necessary to propel Raven forward. She may have relied on her for forever, even after learning the truth of her birth, rather than rising up to take care of herself. Viviane's return did so much to help Raven grow. She needed to do that one last thing before going way for good. All these women made a difference in life and now they were going to make a difference in death. I hope that, in future books, we get so many more opportunities to see Max use her abilities.

The ending is a beautiful setup to continue the series. Between Raven needing to find a way to destroy her father and Max deciding to follow her in the quest; I am so excited to read more.

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