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Review | Stella's Stellar Hair

Author: Yesenia Moises

Genre: Children's Book, Fiction

Series: Standalone

The book Stella's Stellar Hair by Yesenia Moises is standing upright with a purple scarf draped across the top. A wooden hairbrush and scrunchies sit in front of the book.
Book Review for Stella's Stellar Hair

General Review

Stunning colors and a story about loving yourself. What more could one want out of a children's book? I must admit that this is by far one of my absolute favorite children's book.

The illustrations throughout this book are spectacular. It almost looks like the artist used crayons like a kid would. But along with the rainbow of colors creates a beautiful picture on every page.

Something I noticed from the start was the choice of vocabulary. All of the descriptive words used for the different hair types and styles were expressive but always nice. The phrasing was always that the hairstyle was perfect for the aunt, but not right for Stella. There was never direct hate or negative views towards any of them. Even when Stella wasn't happy with how her hair was initially, it wasn't that her hair was bad. It just wasn't doing what she wanted it to do at that moment. It's a story not about hating your natural hair but learning how to accept it and properly manage it. Your hair may some days be a little extra poufy or sleek and that's just how it's meant to be.

A small side-note, as a space enthusiast, I loved the solar system element to the story. The glossary at the end really brought the story to life as it showed just how much thinking the author put into the book. Yes, this was fictional, but had some basis in our world. Every hairstyle matched the elements that humans would endure on the specified planets.

The aunts were an amazing addition to the story. The representation of the different skin tones and hairstyles for textured hairs was incredible. So many different styles were shown and each aunt was happy to help Stella with her hair. But the last page shows just how happy they were with Stella's decision in the end.

I couldn't have been more content with the ending. The most important thing is that Stella learned to accept and love her hair which is a great lesson to teach all children who may or may not read this story.

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