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Review | No Reading Allowed

Author: Raj Haldar, Chris Carpenter, & Bryce Gladfelter

Genre: Children's/Picture Book, Fiction

Series: Standalone

The book No Reading Allowed by Raj Haldar, Chris Carpenter, and Bryce Gladfelter is posed in front of some face-out bookcases full of other children's books and being held in place by a hand in the upper left corner.
Book Review for No Reading Allowed

Disclaimer – This book was read in the ARC* form. There may be some differences in this version than from what appears in other copies of this book.

Publication: November 2020

Entire Review

Catch up and ketchup.

Knead and need.

Genes and jeans.

Mousse and moose.

Aloud and allowed.

Who wouldn't get confused when reading these? It is easy for adults to get words confused and misspelled which means it's even more difficult for children just beginning to learn, but this book helps with that. Through simple sentences and adorable illustrations, this book explains a wide variety of similar words with completely different meanings. It helps to make it much easier to understand the differences between these words and just how extreme they can be.

There is no story per say throughout this book. At least, not in a chronological sense. Though a story is being told within the fun illustrations. Each sentence that presents a confusing word describes its own small story or event. This gives a visual element to assist children further. It also fills a need because, as the title states, this book is not the easiest to read allowed without some misunderstandings. The pictures assist with showing the differences between them.

To finish off the book there is a glossary. It explains all the words used and how their forms differ between nouns, verbs, etc. This can further help children learning to read develop the skills to differentiate between the words. This book is such a great teacher when it comes to developing early readers.

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*ARC, or Advance Reading Copy, is a pre-published, nearly complete version of a new book that is given out before the official release date. The aim is to gain reviews that can coincide with the launching and to get booksellers interested in selling the book. It is normal for there to be changes from the ARC to the actual published copy since this form is an uncorrected proof.



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