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Review | Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale

Author: Mo Willems

Genre: Children's/Picture book, Fiction

Series: Knuffle Bunny #1

Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems is being taken off a high bookshelf by a single hand.
Book Review for Knuffle Bunny.

Entire Review

With the inclusion of photographs this children's book has some realistic elements. It is similar to some cartoon designs that were common during the early 2000s, and so that was a familiar style to me. It also makes an interesting contrast on the page between the photographs and the illustrated characters, making the book appealing to look at.

The story brings up a typical dilemma of lost toys when they are dear to a child. These situations can seem like the end of the world until the toy is found again, if it ever is. Gladly, in this case, the stuffed animal is found. Otherwise who knows what would have occurred.

I have to say that I loved when Trixie started to speak. The interaction with her father, him pretending to understand, and responding in turn is so common. You can frequently see people pretending that they understand what an infant or animal is saying to them. And the fact that Trixie got annoyed because she knew that he was practically mocking her infant speech makes the situation all the more entertaining.

One question I had was who named Knuffle Bunny. It seems like a name a child would give it, but the story says that Trixie does not speak until the very end. So someone else must of named the toy. But why was that, of all things, the name chosen? But to finished with Trixie finally speaking somewhat actual words creates such a cute ending. And after such an interesting story, you are quite satisfied with this outcome of the situation.

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