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Questions | Wild

Front image of the book cover for Wild by Sophie Jordan.
Book Club Questions for Wild

Disclaimer - This book contains erotic content for ages 18+ that may be mentioned below and should be read with discretion. Do not read further if you would like to avoid any discussion on those topics.

  1. Did you like the book?

  2. Did the POV match the story?

  3. Do you like Georgia?

  4. Was it a good choice for her to visit the kink club?

  5. Was Logan in the right to choose for Georgia to leave the club?

  6. Do you like Logan?

  7. Are Georgia's parents overly strict and controlling?

  8. Why did Georgia decide to go to Logan's baseball playoffs?

  9. Do you believe that it was a good choice for Georgia to remain at Dartford for the summer rather than going home to Muskogee, Alabama?

  10. Was it just out of kindness that Georgia would allow Logan to crash at the apartment above Mulvaney's?

  11. Did you find it interesting that Logan reads, writes, and wants to be a teacher?

  12. Do you think Georgia handled Reece and Logan's father well?

  13. Did Georgia or Logan overact after talking with Emerson about their interaction in the restroom?

  14. Are they good together?

  15. Was Reece wrong to treat his brother the way he did?

  16. Was going back to the kink club the smartest thing for Georgia to do?

  17. What do you think of Harris?

  18. Did you expect Logan to drive to Alabama for Georgia?

  19. Who was your favorite character?

  20. Who was your least favorite character?

  21. Would you read more books by this author?



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