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Questions | The Removed

Front facing cover of The Removed by Brandon Hobson.
Book Club Questions for The Removed.

  1. Did you like the book?

  2. Do you think the POV fit the story?

  3. Do you think it was necessary to have Ray-Ray's perspective at the start?

  4. Were you okay with the switching of character perspectives?

  5. Did you find it strange at all that Edgard nicknamed Desiree, Rae, after his brother?

  6. Would you say that Sonja was obsessed with Vin?

  7. How did you feel about the Tsala narration woven throughout the story?

  8. Did you believe that Maria was purposefully searching for similarities between Ray-Ray and Wyatt when he had first arrived?

  9. And what about when Ernest was convinced that Wyatt was actually Ray-Ray reincarnated?

  10. Was it smart of Edgar to stay at Jackson's?

  11. What did you think of the area being referred to as the Darkening Land?

  12. Did it make things better or worse for Wyatt to play along with Ernest's delusions?

  13. How did you feel about Sonja and Vin's developing relationship?

  14. Did Edgar actually see apparitions of his ancestors?

  15. Was Ernest really healed of his Alzheimer's?

  16. Should Sonja have gone through with calling the police on Vin?

  17. Were you shocked when Jackson's true game was revealed?

  18. What about when we learn of Vin's father and his connection to Ray-Ray?

  19. Was it right for Ernest and Maria to want Wyatt to stay with them?

  20. Do you think Edgar actually met the Tsala?

  21. Did confronting the cop help Maria heal at all?

  22. What do you think happened in the end?

  23. Who was your favorite character?

  24. Who was your least favorite character?

  25. Would you read more books by this author?



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