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Questions | The Lost Apothecary

The front facing cover of the book The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner.
Book Club Questions for The Lost Apothecary
  1. Did you enjoy the story?

  2. How did you feel about the changing POV?

  3. What was your first impression of the apothecary?

  4. Was it a smartly run operation?

  5. Did you like Nella?

  6. What about Eliza?

  7. And Caroline?

  8. What did you think when Caroline found the vile?

  9. Was it wrong of Mrs. Amwell to put the killing of her husband onto Eliza?

  10. Was Eliza imagining the ghosts?

  11. Is Nella honorable in trying to uphold her "no harm to women" mentality?

  12. What were your thoughts on Nella and her mother recording the women in the ledger?

  13. How did you feel about Nella's story?

  14. Should Caroline have forgive James when he followed her to England?

  15. Did Nella make right choice by trying to send Eliza away?

  16. When did you realize that the suspected haunting of Eliza was actually her period?

  17. Was the incident with the wrong jar an accident or a clueless mistake of Eliza's?

  18. Did you suspect that James ingesting the eucalyptus wasn't really an accident?

  19. Were you expecting Caroline to end up in so much trouble with the law?

  20. Was it sensible reasoning for Nella to consider killing herself?

  21. Did Nella make the right choice in leaving the ledger behind?

  22. Do you think it was good that Caroline wasn't pregnant?

  23. Were you expecting Eliza to die?

  24. Was Eliza dumb? To believe in magic. To jump off the bridge.

  25. Was separating from James the right choice for Caroline?

  26. What thoughts did you have on Nella's final entry?

  27. Was it surprising to learn that Eliza lived?

  28. Who was your favorite character?

  29. Who was your least favorite character?

  30. Would you read more books by this author?



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