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Questions | The Divines

The front cover of The Divines from Ellie Eaton.
Book Club Questions for The Divines

Disclaimer - This book contains sexual themes for ages 18+ that may be mentioned below and should be read with discretion. Do not read further if you would like to avoid any discussion on those topics.

  1. Did you enjoy the story?

  2. Did the POV fit the story and what did you think of her switching between the past and present?

  3. Was the prologue necessary?

  4. What did you think about the girl's tradition of calling each other by boy names?

  5. Did you like Josephine?

  6. How did you feel about her and Jurgen's relationship?

  7. Did you like Lauren?

  8. What were your thoughts on the penis polaroid's?

  9. Do you believe that the Townies had good reason to hate the Divines.

  10. Was it weird that Josephine dreaded having a daughter?

  11. Was Josephine's first time having sex a good or bad experience?

  12. Did you find it interesting that Gerry helped Josephine during a time of need?

  13. Should Skipper and Jo be blamed for Gerry's accident and following coma?

  14. Were you expecting Lauren to kiss Josephine?

  15. What did you think of Josephine's reaction to Lauren kissing her?

  16. Was it strange that Josephine's idea of her past self was different from how the women at the reunion described her?

  17. Were you surprised to learn that Gerry was alive?

  18. Was it necessary for Josephine to return the hairpin after so many years?

  19. Who was your favorite character?

  20. Who was your least favorite character?

  21. Would you read more books by this author?



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