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Questions | Tease

Front image of the book cover for Tease by Sophie Jordan.
Book Club Questions for Tease

Disclaimer - This book contains erotic content for ages 18+ that may be mentioned below and should be read with discretion. Do not read further if you would like to avoid any discussion on those topics.

  1. Did the POV fit the story?

  2. Did you like the book?

  3. What did you think of Emerson's self-imposed rules?

  4. Was it smart of Emerson to join Annie for a night out?

  5. Should Emerson have sucked it up and called Georgia instead of riding with Shaw?

  6. Do you like Emerson?

  7. How do you feel about her mother?

  8. Do you like Shaw?

  9. Do you believe Shaw saved Emerson from Chad at the bar?

  10. What did you think of Emerson's need to be in charge in the bedroom?

  11. Was Emerson trying to prove something by going to the kink club?

  12. What do you think it meant to Emerson when Shaw asked her to airbrush artwork onto his bikes?

  13. Did you enjoy the scene where Shaw went to see Emerson's art showcase?

  14. Were you expecting Emerson to be a virgin?

  15. Was it out of line of Melanie to stop by Emerson's dorm room?

  16. Is it reasonable for Shaw to feel responsible for Adam's death?

  17. Should Emerson have listened to Shaw and not gone to the wedding reception?

  18. Did she have a right to get mad at Shaw for showing up there?

  19. Was it luck or intuition that had Emerson texting Shaw where she would be the night she was attacked by Justin?

  20. Who is your favorite character?

  21. Who is your least favorite character?

  22. Would you read more books in this series?



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