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Questions | Murder on the Orient Express

The front facing cover of the book Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie.
Book Club Questions for Murder on the Orient Express
  1. Did you like the book?

  2. Did the POV fit the story?

  3. Do you like Poirot?

  4. Were you convinced by the coincidence that so many people were now traveling the train when previously there were so few?

  5. Did you expect Ratchett to be the victim?

  6. Do you think Ratchett deserved to die?

  7. Did you believe Mrs. Hubbard when she claimed that the killer had been in her compartment?

  8. Were you surprised by the Princess Dragamiroff's comment to Poirot about Destiny?

  9. Did you expect Hardman to be a private detective?

  10. Who did you suspect was the murderer at first?

  11. Were you surprised when Mrs. Hubbard entered dramatically screaming about finding a bloody knife?

  12. Did you expect the Wagon Lit uniform to actually be found with Hildegarde Schmidt's things?

  13. What did you think of Poirot find the scarlet kimono among his things and his reaction to it?

  14. What did you think of the discover that the murderer had been the one speaking to the conductor during the night, not Ratchett?

  15. Did you guess the handkerchief was the Princess's?

  16. What did you think of Miss Debenham being the companion governess to Daisy Armstrong?

  17. Were you convinced by the coincidence that nearly everyone on the train had some connection to the Armstrongs?

  18. Did you successfully guess who was guilty?

  19. Who was your favorite character?

  20. Who was your least favorite character?

  21. Would you read more mysteries by Agatha Christie?



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