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Questions | Horrid

Front image of the book cover for Horrid by Katrina Leno.
Book Club Questions for Horrid ARC

1. Did you like the book?

2. Does the POV fit the story?

3. What did you think of the poem?

4. How did you feel about Jane eating books?

5. Did you like Jane?

6. Would you feel excited or nervous to spend the night in an abandoned old mansion?

7. Was it smart of Jane to go after the kids breaking the windows without waking her mother?

8. Were you suspicious when old acquaintances of Ruth they kept saying Jane looked “just like her”?

9. What did you think of the roses growing back?

10. Did you have any guess as to what was inside the locked room?

11. Was Melanie overreacting with her treatment of Jane?

12. Were you concerned about Jane’s sudden outbursts of extreme emotions?

13. Was Ruth a good or bad liar?

14. What did you think of the secret de Polichinelle?

15. Did you ever suspect that Jemima was actually Jane’s sister rather than her aunt?

16. Should Ruth have told Jane the truth earlier?

17. Did you hope that Jane would call the police when Melanie and Jeff broke into the house?

18. What did you think of the theme of pica (disorder that causes the eating of substances with no nutritional value) among Ruth and both her daughters?

19. Do you think Jane coming to town and Jemima’s ghost caused Annie’s death?

20. Were you surprised when Jemima buried Melanie?

21. Who was your favorite character?

22. Who was your least favorite character?

23. Would you read another book by this author?



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