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Questions | Ella Minnow Pea

The front facing cover of the book Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn.
Book Club Questions for Ella Minnow Pea
  1. Did you like the book?

  2. What did you think of the changing perspectives?

  3. Did you like Ella?

  4. What did you think about the way the book was written (i.e. through letters, notes, and official announcements)?

  5. Do you think the island council was crazy for their decision?

  6. Would you be willing to follow the new laws or would you leave the island?

  7. If you chose to stay on the island, how long do you think you would be able to last without slipping up?

  8. How did you feel about Nash and Georgeanne Towgate after they reported Mittie for her mistake while teaching?

  9. Did you trust Nate Warren at first?

  10. Would you ever have purposefully used any forbidden letters as Ella's mother, Gwenette, did for her sister's sake?

  11. Were you surprised by the notice, following Gwenette's letter, from the Chief Secretary of the island council?

  12. Did you expect a relationship to develop between the two couples: Mittie/Rory and Nate/Tassie?

  13. Was Nate's challenge to create a new sentence a smart one?

  14. Was it right for Mittie to be penalized for mistakenly not knowing the person's name was spelled with a 'Z' rather than an 'X'?

  15. Were you happy that Nate helped Tassie escape prison?

  16. Did you ever expect Ella and Georgeanne to become allies?

  17. Was it a surprise to find out that Ella's father had given them the needed sentence all along?

  18. Did you like the ending?

  19. Were the council members rightly dedicated to their beliefs or just stubborn?

  20. Would you go back to the island after getting banished once all the letters returned?

  21. Who was your favorite character?

  22. Who was your least favorite character?

  23. Would you read more books by this author?



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