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Questions | Court of Fives

Front image of the book cover Court of Fives by Kate Elliott.
Book Club Questions of Court of Fives ARC
  1. Did you like the book?

  2. Does the POV fit the book?

  3. How do you feel about the spider scouts? Would you be afraid as the crowd is?

  4. What do you think of the guild that protects the secrets of the Fives?

  5. Would you sneak away to run the Fives against your family's wishes?

  6. What do you think about Jessamy purposely losing the Rings?

  7. Do you like Jessamy?

  8. Was it convincing that Jessamy forgot to take her shoes off and thus got caught by Kalliarkos?

  9. Was it smart of Amaya to stop at the Ribbon Market?

  10. Were you surprised that Kalliarkos was there to save Jessamy during the market attack?

  11. Why did you think Esladas was suddenly strict about following the Saroese homeland ways of morning?

  12. Were you surprised that Gargaron knew Jessemy ran the Fives and wanted her rather than Amaya?

  13. What did you think of Esladas giving Jessemy to Gargaron?

  14. Do you agree that Kalliarkos doesn't actually understand the difference of his status?

  15. What do you think of the funeral rituals? i.e. the priests reanimating corpses to walk to the tombs; oracles being raised to eventually be trapped in the tombs; the fact of leaving the oracles and attendants in the tombs to die is considered more humane than smothering them as in the old practices

  16. Did you believe Jessemy when she originally thought her mother and sisters were the oracles attendants?

  17. Do you think that Esladas really does love Kiya?

  18. Were you surprised to learn of Amaya and Denya; Maraya and Polodos?

  19. What did you think of the city under the city?

  20. Do you believe that the sparks brought Wenru back to life?

  21. Did you catch the foreshadowing of Amaya's appearance resembling a cat?

  22. Did you ever suspect that Kalliarkos was due to inherit two thrones?

  23. Were you expecting that Kalliarkos would run with Jessemy during the Royal Fives Court?

  24. Did you like the reflection back on how Jessemy had to make a difficult choice just like Esladas?

  25. Would you have chosen differently?

  26. Who is your favorite character?

  27. Who is your least favorite character?

  28. Will you read the next book?



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