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Questions | American Royals

Front image of the book cover for American Royals by Katharine McGee.
Book Club Questions for American Royals
  1. Did you like the book?

  2. Does the POV fit this story?

  3. What do you think of America as a monarchy?

  4. Did you enjoy the occasional slip-in mentions of our own American government?

  5. How would you feel about your parents giving you a pre-approved list of men to marry?

  6. Would you rather be the heir to the throne or the spare?

  7. Do you think Jeff has an easier life compared to his sisters?

  8. Do you agree with Teddy that heir to a dukedom is like being the heir to a kingdom?

  9. Was it smart for Jeff and Nina to keep their relationship a secret? Even from their families?

  10. Would you have taken the risk if you were snowed into a cabin with a man you could never have?

  11. Did you expect the king's diagnoses?

  12. What did you think of Jeff getting a Wawa milkshake and bringing it to Nina?

  13. What do you think of Daphne and Ethan?

  14. Did Nina overreact to Daphne's treatment?

  15. Were you surprised by what Daphne did to Himari?

  16. Do you think Beatrice was rash to try to cancel the engagement right after the party?

  17. How did you feel about the ending?

  18. Did you like Beatrice?

  19. Did you like Sam?

  20. Is Sam a selfish character?

  21. What about Daphne?

  22. Is Daphne an evil character?

  23. And Nina?

  24. Who was your favorite character?

  25. Who was your least favorite character?

  26. Will you read the next book?



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