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Questions | Act Your Age, Eve Brown

The front facing cover of the book Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert.
Book Club Questions of Act Your Age, Eve Brown
  1. Did you like the book?

  2. Does the POV fit the story?

  3. Do you like Eve?

  4. Did you initially think that she was immature?

  5. Do you like Jacob?

  6. Were you expecting Jacob to be autistic?

  7. Was it surprising when Eve hit Jacob with her car?

  8. Was Monte crazy to leave the B&B in Eve's hands?

  9. How did you feel about Eve and Jacob's bickering at first?

  10. Was it at all surprising that Eve fell in the pond?

  11. Did you find it impressive the way Eve handled Craig Jackson at the meeting?

  12. Do Eve and Jacob work well together?

  13. Why do you think Jacob fought against his feelings so hard?

  14. Were you expecting Eve to discover that she's autistic as well?

  15. How did you feel about Eve's entire family showing up at Castell Cottage?

  16. Did they have a justified reason for showing up?

  17. Did Jacob overreact to the party-planning gig that Eve had previously accepted?

  18. Did Eve show growth as a character?

  19. How was their romantic reuniting?

  20. Does Eve deserve to be manager?

  21. Is the B&B the right job for Eve?

  22. Who was your favorite character?

  23. Who was your least favorite character?

  24. Would you read more books in this series/by this author?



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