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Questions | A Deadly Education

Front image of the book cover of A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik.
Book Club Questions for A Deadly Education

1. Did you like the book?

2. Does the POV fit the story?

3. Would you attend a school that tries to kill you?

4. Would you be offended by Orion rescuing you?

5. Did you think Orion had good reason to be suspicious of El?

6. Do you like El?

7. How would you feel having the affinity for mass destruction?

8. What affinity would you want?

9. What did you think of her reaction to the mirror’s prophecy?

10. How would you feel if everyone hated you in a place where only groups survive?

11. Do you think El should have tried to use her connection to her mom?

12. Is the graduation ceremony too brutal after four years of surviving?

13. What do you think of the maw-mouths?

14. Would you have chosen to save the freshmen instead of building your reputation?

15. Were you surprised that Aadhya knew about El fighting the maw-mouth?

16. Would you prefer to be apart of an enclave or alone like Gwen and El?

17. Was it smart for El to alliance with Aadhya and Liu?

18. Did you expect Orion to be wearing blockers to prevent him from draining the New York enclave’s mana share?

19. If you were El, would you avoid all the super destructive spells too?

20. Did you suspect that Orion liked El or at least knew that they were dating?

21. What did you think of Gwen’s message to El?

22. Do you trust Orion?

23. Who is your favorite character?

24. Who is your least favorite character?

25. Will you read more in the series?



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