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October 2020

The book Witchy by Ariel Slamet Ries posed on a wooden base with white ribbons draped around. There is a wooden hairbrush to the left of the book and a purple knife with a black blade directly in front.
October 2020 Book Recommendation

Witchy by Ariel Slamet Ries

What would you do if having long hair ruins your life? Nyneve could only think of one option and it just so happens to have deadly consequences.

Witchy is a graphic novel based in a world with witches that have an unusual quirk. In this land your power is dependent on the length of your hair. The longer it is, the stronger you are. One would assume you'd want the longest hair possible, but in this world, they also fear those who are deemed too powerful.

Nyneve experiences this first-hand when her father, who had the longest hair she'd ever seen, is taken away. Now her hair length rivals that of her father and so she hides it away to stay safe. She struggles with her secret until she can't hide it any more and contests with her classmates and their dedication to a society that stole (and killed) her father.

This book, full of beautiful art and a powerful story, shares just how corrupt societies can grow to be. A young girl is forced to make the difficult choice to go against a world that decides what she does and she doesn't go willingly. Her strength and courageousness carries us along her incredible adventure as she learns more about her world than she ever thought possible.

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