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Is your book is traditionally published and available through a publisher/distributor?

If so, then fill out this form below and we will consider ordering your book directly from the publisher.

author consignment policies

​If your book is self-published or not available through our regular distributors, or is only avabailable on a non-returnable basis or without the standard terms, please apply for consignment.

  1. Apply:

    1. your book(s) must meet ALL of these requirements​

      1. must have an ISBN with a barcode on the back cover​

      2. should be professionally bound and finished with the title and author name printed clearly on teh spine

      3. your book(s) must be comparably priced to other books of the same size and similar genres

      4. Katiedyd's Book Nook has the final say whether your book(s) meet the industry standards fo r a published book

    2. you must fill out the entire form below for every individual title that you would like to submit​

      1. ONLY APPLY ONCE PER TITLE. we keep all applications on file so applying more will only hurt your chances of getting selected.​

      2. along with every submission you are required to provide one copy of the book

        1. if you choose to leave or mail a copy of your book without consulting a member of Katiedyd's Book Nook staff first, it will be considered a free review copy and not required to return​

      3. if it is a part of a series, you may only submit the first book in the series

    3. you are only considered a local author if your place of residence is within 1.5 hours/150 miles from our store. You can still apply for consignment even if you do not qualify as a local author, but if approved, your book will not be placed in the local author section​​​

  2. denied:

    1. what disqualifies a submission​

      1. the book being published by Amazon or one of their subsidiaries, or as an Amazon exclusive​

      2. only an ebook with no physical copy

      3. not filling out the entire application

    2. we will follow as you specified on the application form with what we do with the review copy​​

  3. approved:

    1. you will get an approved email but that doesn't mean your consignment will immediately begin. you will be contacted again when we have decided when your consignment will begin. we will send you the contract to sign 1 month before your consignment begins​

    2. if your book is approved, we will randomly select 5-15 authors each month to display one of their books for a period of 60 days. the books will be displayed face out and in alphabetical order by author's name.

    3. please note that due to the number of local authors who have contacted us, and our limited space, we cannot guarantee if, or when, your book will be selected.

    4. we can accept no more than 5 copies of the title you submitted (due to limited storage) if selected for display. you will be required to get those 5 copies to us between the time you sign the contract and when the consignment begins

    5. you will be notified when you are selected (please do not call the store to ask when that will be). you must pick up any remaining books within 30 days after your consignment ends. we cannot store any unsold books so your prompt pickup is required. if you cannot pick them up, we will arrange for them to be mailed to you at our typical shipping and handling fee of $6. if you fall out of contact with us, 60 days after your consignment ends, we will donate the books.

    6. if we run out of your book during your display month, we will contact you for additional copies

    7. sixty (60%) percent of the retail price of the book will go to the author and forty (40%) percent will go to Katiedyd's Book Nook

    8. you will be required to post a link to our online store where people can find your book on your own website(s). the book will not be put out on the shelves until you post the link. if you don't post it after a week into your consignment term, the consignment will immediately be terminated. if we find that you took the links down at any point during the consignment term without warning, reasoning, or notice, the consignment will be immediately terminated

    9. we will provide an accounting of your sales at the end of your consignment. we will pay you for any sales via a check within 10 days after your consignment term

    10. we encourage you to let your friends and family know the months your book is being displayed because we cannot provide constant marketing for your book. there are only three times that we can guarantee marketing (but we may use your books in other pictures in the store and promotions):

      1. when the book is displayed with a shelf talker​

      2. we post all of our new books every week with pictures on social media

      3. and our monthly newsletter always contains a list of our new consignment authors

  4. long-term:​

    1. if your book does well during the 60 day period, we will move you up to a 6 month period, the same rules apply​

    2. if it does well during the 6 month period, we will move it to our "permanent" selection. permanent is a relative term. we do a refresh of all our sections every 6 months. if your book continues to do well, we will continue to restock it but if sales dwindle, we may be forced to end the consignment

  5. cancelations

    1. these books remain your property, and you may elect to collect some or all of them, or close the consignment altogether, at any time. Similarly, Katiedyd's Book Nook reserves the right to end the consignment at any time for any reason​

Stocking books

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