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We are a pet friendly store and are glad to see any variety of pet from dog, cat, skunk, bird, lizard, and whatever else. We do reserve the right to request that you leave with your pet.

We request that:

  • your pet is kind to people

  • your pet is kind to other animals (primarily cats)

  • you clean up after your animal as necessary

  • you pet does not have a strong prey instinct that could possibly cause them to chase after the cats.

  • you are understanding that if we request that you leave, you do so quickly and safely

Always remember that:

  • this is the cat's home until they are adopted. They will not leave just because you are unsatisfied with them residing there

  • harm to the cats will not be tolerated and we will take police action if deemed necessary

  • some of these cats are not familiar with dogs or other animals. Please give them a wide birth if they react negatively towards your own pet

If you are not comfortable with animals then please look into our shipping, delivery, and curbside pickup options. We love animals here and will not get rid of them to make you feel better. 

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