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The most important thing to remember when reviewing books is that even if you don't like a book, someone else may. This is what Katie always keep in mind.  Her reviews are not intended to put any books in a bad light or deter you from reading them. It is simply to be used as a reference. If there are issues you may have with the book, Katie will address those but she still encourages you to always read the book yourself and make your own analysis of the story. Katie will NEVER hate on any book in particular. She may have negative comments on certain characters or events that occur during the story, but she will never entirely hate a book.

Katie's Goodreads star rating system:


These are reserved for some of her favorite reads. The books that she lists as five stars are the ones that she absolutely loves. But just because they are favorites, does not mean that they are perfect. She just really enjoyed her time in that particular book world and can't wait to return to it someday.

Books that Katie enjoyed but had more concerns with earn four star from her. She may have enjoyed the story but there were certain issues that bothered her too much for it to become a favorite.  But she would still recommend it and would probably return to the world.


This is the obvious middle ground. These are the 'fine' books. Katie doesn't hate them, but she doesn't love them. She may not have really liked the book but she would recommend it to someone who likes the genre or writing style that the book falls into. She would even go back to continue any series but more out of curiosity than excitement.

⭐⭐  &  ⭐

Katie will never give any books under three stars. As stated previously, just because she didn't enjoy a book, doesn't mean that it's a bad book. All writers have to give some sort of effort to get published whether they are through a publisher or as an indie author. And so she will never rate a book this low out of  respect to the work that the authors put into the piece.


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