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2021 Read Harder 

the checklist

This option is for those who want to read more of a variety without feeling pressured to. Use this checklist as a guideline to explore stories that you would have never considered picking up before. Take your time and just enjoy the different worlds. It is up to you to record your progress. In the end, whether you completed your attempt or not, feel successful with the attempt you made to broaden your reading.

We offer a copy of the checklist that is free to download for your own personal use:

Katiedyd's 2021 Read Harder Checklist

the challenge

Would you prefer to try to win 1 free used-book (up to a $10 value) per month for the 2022 year at Katiedyd's Book Nook? Then this challenge is for you. Following the same guidelines as the checklist, you are attempting to read things that you typically wouldn't. To participate in the challenge there is a fee of $40(+tax). Upon submission you will receive a button marking you as a 2021 Read Harder Challenger and the form that you must complete during your reading journey.

To sign up, please fill out the declaration form below and email it to us along with your mailing address. Once we have received your signed declaration, we will email you an invoice to collect your $40(+tax) participation fee. You will then be receiving the challenger button and necessary challenge form in the mail within the following 2 weeks. The challenge form is required to be completed throughout your attempt.

For the full list of rules and regulations, view the form linked below:

Katiedyd's 2021 Read Harder Declaration

On this page Katie records her attempt at our own Read Harder selection for the book blog. It is put together every year by the Book Nerds of Katiedyd's Book Nook. We offer two different options: the checklist and the challenge. Both have the same list of 18 book themes. The goal is to get away from any repetitive genres that you frequent and expand on what you read. Katie will fill in with her qualifying reads throughout the 2021 year.

  • a doorstopper book (over 500 pages) that is published after 1950 & written by a woman

  • a cozy mystery

  • a retelling of a classic fairytale

  • a book that is recommended by a favorite author of yours

  • a collection of short stories ( single authors and anthologies both count)

Queens of Fennbirn by Kendare Blake​

  • a book of the horror genre

  • a book by an author from Africa

  • a book that has a movie adaptation: read, watch the movie, and compare them

  • a children's book (age 5 & under) where a character (human or not) has a disability

  • a travel memoir about your own country

  • an independently published book

  • a collection of poetry containing at least 8 poems

  • a historical fiction set before 1900

  • a book that you never finished reading before

  • an #OwnVoices YA (ages 13+) book with a black main character

  • a book by an author that was over the age of 65 when it was written

  • a book written by or about a refugee from any country

  • a book that is set within 100 miles of your hometown (where you grew up or live currently)

Katie's challenge

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