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Is Walmart Spark Team Legit

You can only do 1 order per hour. But the pay is anywhere from $9 to $15 per delivery. You get 1hr 15 mins to deliver it after you pick it up. walmart loads your car for you. Easy as fuck.

You do have to carry a lot of grocery bags and sometimes heavy beverages to the customers door. If it's a 3rd floor apartment, RIP. Spark delivery drivers can deliver anything from groceries to Dotcom orders, which are “general merchandise, non-grocery products” like shampoo, cleaning supplies and more. Never pay full price for gas again. Save up to 35¢ per gallon. Click here to download the Upside app and get a signup bonus. The Walmart Customer Spark Community is invitation only. When customers are invited, they join and can participate in our activities. It's that easy! Each activity has a point value. The more activities completed, the more points earned. Points can be redeemed for Walmart eGift cards. What our members are saying

Is Walmart Spark Team Legit - Discount Place

Is Walmart Spark Team Legit - Discount Place

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